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Keep reading to see where you can see me speak next for the month of July! You will be able to ask Emery any question and receive direct feedback.

I am so looking forward to these events coming up in July and cannot wait to meet you and answer your questions! Thank you so much for your continued support and I hope to see you all there! I will be presenting again this year at Contact In The Desert! This is one of, if not THE largest UFO conferences in the world, where a host of incredible speakers will be presenting over the course of 4 days. I will be giving four presentations of my own, one of which will include a night under the stars with you guys, and I will also be speaking on multiple speaker panels.

Read below to see where I will be at throughout the entire conference! Crystal Amphitheater. Lynne Kitei, Adam Curry. Join Emery Smith as he takes you on a journey through his life before the Projects. Emery discusses encounters with extra-terrestrial beings at a young age, the strange testing he had to complete, and the programs that led him to moonlight for classified underground facilities.

Emery touches on his first experiences in the projects and will present a slide show of artist rendition visuals that most accurately depict what he witnessed in these facilities. Be there as Emery reveals just how advanced humankind has secretly become. Here Emery will give a detailed account of the specific experiences that changed the way he thought about our planet, solar system and humanity forever.

In this workshop, Emery dives into the information he learned while working on and with extraterrestrial beings. He will discuss what he learned through a classified library. Lastly, Emery discusses one of the projects he was assigned to where he and a few select others created the first extraterrestrial DNA database and the implications it has for identifying the origins of every human on this planet.

Gevaerd, Elizabeth Wilcock, Caroline Cory. Using his personal CE5 methods and protocols created after his experiences as a child, Emery will guide us on techniques to communicate with ETS that he had learned during his time working in classified projects — as well as the civilian methods learned during his time as Vice President for CSETI. Emery will also demonstrate consciousness assisted technology to make contact with our interstellar friends and family; and with the help of his military issued night vision goggles, he will be able to help spot crafts in exo-atmosphere, as well as using a special classified laser to help identify activity amongst the stars.

Join us for this wonderful evening scanning the skies. From making deals with big Pharma and funding his own free energy lab, Emery discusses the real-world ways in which classified technologies, including those reverse engineered from ETS, are disclosed.

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Lastly, you will learn about the healing modalities Emery has come across or invented himself, and how some of their origins came from studying other-worldly technologies.Here are the numbers you start with… …from the CDC. As you can see, a severe flu season can cause around 61, deaths in a single year here in the US. You would see headlines like this…. And those deaths occur during the typical week flu season which stretches from January through early April remember that COVID infections in China began appearing in numbers in January, right in sync with flu season.

So as you can see, the lethality of COVID is somewhere in the same ballpark as that of the common flu. Now when is the last time you remember governments locking down their cities for flu season? Never, right? So why are they doing it this time?

Clearly, the progressing lockdown of the world has nothing to do with the actual threat posed by COVID The virus is merely an excuse to lock down the population prior to the financial system collapse.

This lockdown is the final sign that will precede the controlled demolition of the current financial system. Under previous versions of the script, they were going to use a cutoff of food stamps and a widespread domestic terror campaign as an excuse to lock down the cities under martial law.

Fear of this invisible enemy will be very effective in motivating people to stay in their homes, and the mega-hyped COVID outbreak will make the government lockdown look justifiable. Revelation — And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name.

The Western version of the vaccine may require that an identification chip be injected into the hand at the time of the shot. This chip would be used to determine if someone has been vaccinated or not, and under the quarantine rules, those who have not been vaccinated may be banned from public places like stores just like school children who have not had childhood vaccinations have been banned from schools. If March turns out to be the gateway to the Great Tribulation, you will see this Mark of the Beast system implemented.

On a related note, a couple of readers have contacted me about something I too have noticed: the bifurcation of the COVID narrative in the controlled alt-media — with most sites hyping COVID as a serious pandemic, but other sites blasting the hype or presenting both pro-hype and anti-hype messages.

This is actually a fairly common practice in the controlled alt-media, and there is a very practical strategy behind it. If all of the controlled alt-media CAM were to present the same exact message, the percentage of the population that would reject the message would be alienated from the entire CAM and might go off and start thinking for themselves. That way, those who reject the message will be drawn to the controlled opposition and remain under the sway of the CAM.

A prime example of a controlled opposition message can be found in a disinfo piece sent to me by reader Glen-Glenda… …from Veterans Today.

David WIlcock: Powerful, Provable Pandemic Prophecies from 1996

Here are some key parts of the article…. As you can see, disinfo stooge Steele is acting as controlled opposition to capture the attention of those who are rejecting the COVID hype.

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And what is he selling those people? The NWO narrative of course…. With articles like the Veterans Today piece, the controlled opposition CAM are providing the narrative for the potential end of the Great Tribulation. Getting back to the reasons for the COVID bioweapon release — and moving beyond the global reasons of locking down the population, triggering the financial system collapse, and artificially fulfilling Biblical prophecy — there are specific reasons that China was chosen as the release point.

Reason 1 — To help ameliorate the graying of the Chinese population. By killing off the elderly and leaving children untouchedWuhan Coronavirus aids in the rebalancing. Reason 2 — To help reorient the Chinese economy away from an export-driven model and towards a domestic consumption-driven model. By stopping the very heart of the China-centered global supply chain network with the COVID outbreak, the globalists are providing a reason for companies all over the world to diversify and localize their supply chains.

Reason 3 — To provide narrative support for the Chinese part of the prophecy fulfillment program:. You can read more about Reason 3 in the 8 February update located on the main page.

It looks like the Ides of March removal attempt on Trump will be related to the Coronavirus. Other controlled alt-media sites profit from the hysteria through sales of survival supplies and precious metals, and through advertising revenues, memberships, and donations generated by their clickbait fear porn.

So not only do they get paid by the globalists to lie to us, but they also set up additional ways of profiting from the propaganda they push.Every Briton could get cash payments from the government amid fears the coronavirus crisis could leave millions of people without jobs.

The extraordinary move is being considered by ministers as the scale of the economic meltdown the country faces becomes clear - with warnings that 'social distancing' measures could see GDP slump by 20 per cent and the hospitality sector effectively disappear.

Boris Johnson suggested last night that a 'universal basic income' - or UBI - is among the options on the table to avoid families being plunged into poverty and mass unrest as UK plc grinds to a halt.

However, while the PM said the package was 'unprecedented in peacetime', he has been warned that the government will need to go much further, with grim predictions that the coronavirus misery could last over a year.

However, it would be hugely expensive and ministers would be allocating large sums to many people who are already quite well off. More than 56, people have signed a petition calling on the government to implement the idea to provide them with 'home and food security' amid the ongoing crisis.

Earlier this week, the government's own OBR financial watchdog suggested that ministers should step in to pay utility bills for all Britons, or cancel council tax altogether. The Resolution Foundation has has urged the government to create a new benefit that could pay a million of the most vulnerable workers two-thirds of their usual salaries.

Some commuters were still struggling into work in London today despite speculation that the lockdown could be tightened. An empty commuter train between Sussex and London this morning, amid fears the capital is about to be put into lockdown. Empty shelves at a Sainsbury's supermarket in Northwich, where rationing is in place to ensure pensions can get supplies after panic buying caused shortages.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that a weekly cash payment for British workers was being considered in the form of a 'universal basic income' UBI.

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Universal Basic Income has been mooted in different forms across the world, although there have been few large-scale examples. The idea has become increasingly scrutinised as automation progresses, with concerns that machines could render many traditional jobs redundant. The main features of the policy are that it covers essential costs for every individual, without being means tested.

But critics point out it would be eye-wateringly expensive, and could remove the incentive for many people to go to work. Labour considered putting a UBI policy in its manifesto before Christmas, but in the end only vaguely suggested there would be a pilot scheme. More watered down concepts would involve means testing, or tapering the payments off depending on other income. Similar schemes to Universal Basic Income have been implemented in Western Kenya over a year period, and trialled in Italy and the Netherlands.

A two-year trial in Finland was scrapped, and a scheme in Canada was scrapped after three years. In the wake of Covid, Ireland and Denmark have announced similar schemes to help citizens.

More than political figures and academics around the world have called for universal basic income in the fight against coronavirus, signing a letter published in The Independent today, while Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey has also mooted the idea - but not given a suggested figure.

Employment has been at a record high, but experts point out there are five million workers in the retail sector, 2.

However, while his initial steps were welcomed across industries, there are warnings that providing companies with loans rather than grants could mean they are not viable in the long-term. There are calls for the government to defer VAT bills and suspending national insurance. So the thought that we have put to the chancellor is to reverse national insurance contributions - not just defer or cancel them, but actually get the flow working in the other direction.

So looking at the tax bills, and seeing if they can be cancelled or deferred,' she said. Queues outside Sainsbury's in Hertford this morning as the coronavirus crisis causes chaos and panic across the country. In Downing Street last night, Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak right said they were acting like a 'wartime government' and would do 'whatever it takes' to keep the economy going.

Former prime minister and chancellor Gordon Brown has urged the Government to do 'considerably more' in the next 48 hours to protect people's jobs amid the coronavirus outbreak. Mr Brown, who led the Labour Party in government during the financial crash, said the scale of the crisis now facing the country is 'unprecedented' as he called for international co-operation instead of 'populist nationalism'.

The ex-PM said Chancellor Rishi Sunak would have to do more to deal with the issues of employment protection - with many people facing the prospect of losing their jobs due to the pandemic.

david wilcock supplements

Jonathan Neame, chief executive of brewer and pub chain Shepherd Neame, warned that the government's loan package was not what was needed to stop job losses. Our assets are our people He added: The package that was put forward last night was not what we asked for.

What we asked for was the immediate cancellation of these taxes Mr Neame said: 'At this particular moment in the year with April coming up, most people have got a big VAT bill and they have a big end of year tax bill that they have got to pay. The boss of Superdry has warned of a 'fluid and uncertain' situation after it closed 78 stores across Europe as governments force high streets to close to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

One of Britain's biggest food and pub companies said that sales are 'getting worse by the day'. Wagamama-owner The Restaurant Group, which also runs several pub-restaurants across the country, said that like-for-like sales were down Health and Wellness Part 1: Introdcution.

Part 2: Swine Flu Updates and Information. See our Pineal Gland section. The X Factor of Dr. Weston A. On the Trail of the Exclusive X-Factor. Whole Health Source: Activator X.

Immunity – Zinc, Quercetin, Viruses, Magnesium, What NOT to Take

Larry King recently hosted a special program on the dangers of cell phones and links to brain cancer on May 27, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. The Dangers of Cell Phones with Dr.

As a cancer scare erupts over a chemical in the fizzy drink Fluoride Accumulates in Pineal Gland. For all your food storage needs, eFoodsDirect. Click here to visit RockwellNutrition. Webmasters, join our referral program and start earning from each sale! The pineal gland may well be one of the most vital and miraculous parts of the human body. Its location, within the exact center of the brain, is strategic for the number of essential fluids it secrets for maintaining good mental health such as melatonin, which allows one to sleep, and seratonin, which gives one a sense of well being or happiness.

In addition, it is now believed that yet another substance, DMTor Dimethyltryptaminis produced naturally by the pineal gland and works in conjunction to assist human beings to visualize images in the mind. Brain research is now indicating that DMT may also help to create our ability to dream during the sleep process and to simulate the experience of death or even a near death experience, within the realms of the mind.

Rick Strassman. The pineal gland is considered to be the gateway or star gate within the brain where the soul passes through as it leaves the body to travel the astral plane during dreaming.

david wilcock supplements

And, when the body expires or dies, the soul passes through the pineal gland to venture to the higher realms, the soul plane or a higher dimensional reality. As we age, the pineal gland begins to calcify due to the harmful effects of artificial substances such as flouride chemicals found in public water systems, hormones and additives put into processed foods and sugars and artificial sweetners dumped into soft drinks.

Cell phones are also being pinpointed as being harmful to the pineal gland due to high concentrations of radiation. The natural aging process also contributes to this calcification process of the pineal gland, to the point where a white dot can be observed when a brain scan is performed on a patient.

Recently, new information has come to light that a few new products are available that can assist in decalcifying the pineal gland and can actually reverse this process. Author, speaker and mystic, David Wilcock, for one, has researched the pineal gland extensively and he has uncovered some important new information regarding substances that can unlock the calcification process.

Speaking with a Dr. Pete Petersona government insider and whistleblower in an interview with Project Camelothe revealed that oil from the rat fish, or skate fish species prevents both tooth decay and can also work to decalcifiy the pineal glandmainly due to a substance called, "Activator X.Nominations for the RationalMedia Foundation board of trustees election are now open!

Coronavirus UK: Universal Basic Income considered by Treasury

David Wilcock — is an American author known for promoting some pseudoscience and attempting to convince his readers that his ideas are factual.

His profile on Coast to Coast AM describes him as "a professional intuitive consultant. He was under contract to Gaia TV until resigning in Julyclaiming an abusive work environment, unfair compensation, and deceptive editing of its programs. Wilcock claims in his book and on his website that everything from extraterrestrial visitation, phenomena to reincarnation and ancient aliens are all scientific and factual.

He believes in "ancient prophecies " and how they apparently align with the "latest research in quantum physics. Or at least invariably "too subtle to register" in any case. His current shtick is the secret space program which he and his cohort, Corey Good, attempt to explain that "blue avians" are communicating directly to them.

We are surrounded by dozens and dozens and dozens of different extraterrestrial civilizations, that not only visit us, but this is their home. And that's a very important point.

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There is such a need for space--for living space--on the Moon that the back side of the Moon is just developed out as much as you can handle. In his book The Source Field Investigations he advocated intelligent design and vitalism by writing that all biological life on earth emerges directly out of a hypothetical immaterial source field. According to historian Jason Colavito, who reviewed it, it is more about the cosmic battle between Wilcock and his high school bullies.

See External sources. Jump to: navigationsearch. By Wynn Free. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read Edit Fossil record. Support Donate. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? This page was last modified on 14 Aprilat Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki:Copyrights. Dolphins and money New Age. Cosmic concepts. Crystals Quantums Your inner self Holistic medicine. Spiritual selections.Ratfish Oil - Dr. Pete Peterson - June Ratfish liver oil is obtained from the liver of the fish shown in the picture on the right.

The Latin name is Chimaera monstrosa Linnaeus, an extraordinary fish found in all the world's oceans, close to the bottom, at great depths, with a reported maximum depth of 1, meters.

Ascension Diet

The ratfish is therefore a bottom-feeder. There is very limited fishing for this species of fish, which are not a popular food source. Ratfish liver oil is one of the finest antioxidant lubricants, having been used for guns and fine delicate instruments. The old time Scandinavian fishermen would use ratfish liver oil as a lubricant and rust preventer.

It has the advantage of being very stable compared to most fish oils and fish liver oils, and has characteristics in common with Sperm whale oil, which was used as a lubricant for the finest pocket watches. NASA even considered ratfish liver oil as a good substitute for Sperm whale oil, which was used as a lubricant in their space programme.

Source: Project Camelot. DW: Wait a minute — is there any other tissue in the body, besides the heart, that acts like neurological tissue? PP: Oh, absolutely. Now, if you want, you can call the pineal part of the brain. The pineal and pituitary are mostly a substance called melanin. Those are signals that are taken out of a signal that appears to be everywhere, every-when.

What it does is it gives it a hole through the Faraday Cage, speaking in science terms, and it makes a sensitivity by making a piece of scar tissue that opens up, or opens the third eye, or opens clairvoyance or clairaudience, or remote viewing, or remote influencing, or a number of different things.

KC: And since we have fluoride in our water, basically you could look at that as an Illuminati plot to deaden the intelligence and the psychic ability of the population. PP: What I try to do, as a scientist, is stay to scientific things. PP: But, I can tell you that the main thing that halides — which are chlorine, fluorine, bromine — mainly what they do in the body is congeal cholesterol into arterial plaque.

PP: Yeah, it closes down the arteries. So there are many ways to sterilize water other than chlorine and fluorine. There are many ways, for example, they say: Well, we use fluorine for tooth decay.

He found out right after World War II that one drop of thatWe spoke personally to Drake on the phone to get you the latest update in this intriguing story. I am still recovering from two solid months on the road — taking me through Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, a brief respite with the flu in Los Angeles, then New Zealand, four cities in Australia in two weeks, one day off, then an all-weekend event in New York.

It was quite an adventure to do this many conferences in such a short time. Reviewing the material again and again, and continuing to present it in a live context, really helped it to integrate and process within me on a much deeper level.

david wilcock supplements

I did end up with inflammation on my right eyelid — bordering on becoming a stye — and some rather significant jet lag and fatigue, where I hammer out 12 hours of sleep at a time and still feel tired when I get up.

In the meantime, while I was in Australia I heard credible insider reports, from the highest levels, that the US dollar is within weeks, not months, of collapsing — and the Euro is even closer.

My dreams seem to be mirroring this information as well. I keep hearing that massive changes are imminent — almost every morning. I see this as a positive shift. Until the oxygen has been cut off, the Federal Reserve cabal still has power to do great damage to anyone who dares stand in its way. I have been told that the liens we posted here at Divine Cosmos against the Federal Reserve and its strongest member states in Europe are directly responsible for helping to accelerate these economic changes — which I believe is a good thing.

The liens are of no value unless there is a significant force using them to accomplish its objectives. That force is the nation alliance backing the return of massive amounts of gold that was seized from the world in the s and 30s by the Federal Reserve. The liens we posted on this site have apparently been used as a legal precedent to lock the Federal Reserve out of the international financial system, behind the scenes. I have posted these liens on my website using my real legal name, and have continued making public appearances, fully aware of the potential consequences.

I would not have done it if I did not feel it were absolutely necessary to take these risks. Things may have to get worse, economically, before they get better. In the past, when I wrote brief updates, a small percentage of my audience would become so angry that I effectively stopped writing anything unless it was substantial in size and scope — in the hopes of reducing the severity of abuse I endured each day.

Admittedly, this was due to the fact that I would actually read every comment, positive or negative, that came in, including every one that did not pass moderation. It was psychologically overwhelming to see violently hateful messages a day, every day. I felt badly for Karen Klein, the abused bus monitor, and sent her a healthy donation after seeing her story.

The sarcasm, spite, violent threats and astonishingly intense hatred has had quite an effect on me. Most people would probably have collapsed from it — at least on a psychological level. Not even one. Everything is now being filtered by the moderators before I ever get a look at it.

I will continue to do my best to provide the highest quality investigations, and use my own common sense, intuition and hard work to produce results that I feel are worthy of your time to peruse.

I used to get an independent email with each comment that was submitted, and read those emails as they came in. Not anymore. Particularly since I picked up the Financial Tyranny investigation last November, the hate has become so overpowering and voluminous that it is absolutely vital that I avoid exposing myself to it in order continue to be able to write on the Internet at all — at least for now.

Soon after I got back, while I was still sleeping hour nights and recovering from powerful fatigue, I got private emails saying Drake had been told that the mass arrests of Cabal members would occur some time before Independence Day, July 4th. I called Drake as soon as I was functional, after seeing these reports. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on, directly from him, rather than listening to any radio show — as it certainly had all the hallmarks of a great story.

What he told me was that three different insider sources — each of which have senior military clearance — independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days. The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening. I must say that I did NOT hear similar information from any of my own insiders.

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